As the list of all electric cars keeps growing, joining them is the INIZIO from Li-ion Motors, located in North Carolina. Li-ion Motors is the winner of the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE in the Side-by-Side Alternative Class with its Wave II electric vehicle

The INIZIO is powered by Li-ion Motors’ lithium-ion batteries. The batteries supply over 40 kilowatts of on-board energy. An upgrade is available that provides up 96.7 kilowatts.  What makes the INIZIO stand out from other all-electric sports cars is the horsepower and top speed.  The INIZIO can deliver over 200 horsepower (207 to be exact) and the motor allows the car to accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 3.4 seconds.  The vehicles top speed is a very remarkable 170 mph. A range of up to 250 miles on a full charge makes this vehicle even more significant.

Using a standard 220 volt outlet, the INIZIO full charge takes as little as 8 hours and the battery, due to the advanced battery management system, has a life of over 2500 full charges.

Connected to Li-ion Motors’ data center, the system’s remote diagnostic system proactively monitors and diagnoses the INIZIO. Should there be a problem, both the driver and Li-ion Motors are notified.  A dash-mounted LCD touch screen displays remaining power, battery temperature, power consumption, drive time, and distance driven. It also can help the driver navigate to a selection of nearby charging stations.

The INIZIO is designed for extreme aerodynamic efficiency.  The back of the vehicle has a movable wing that provides ideal down force and includes a ridge in the body that forwards airflow to lessen wind noise and drag. The vehicle also features a removable hard top.

The INIZIO doesn’t cut back on luxury. Although the vehicle is low to the ground, it raises up 3 inches while the doors are open, to allow for easy entry and exit.  The doors rotate 90 degrees.  The full power, adjustable seats have both heating and cooling.  The rear view mirrors are equipped with high-definition cameras that provide 360 degree view of the surrounding of the car.

According to Li-ion Motors, the INIZIO will be available in the middle of 2011 with a starting price of $139,000.  Li-ion Motors is now taking pre-orders for the vehicle.

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