In most parts of the country, the summer season is here and it’s time to get your Land Rover Discovery set to hit the trails. Whether your Land Rover has been parked all winter or driven through the snow, probabilities are that you will have to at least repair a few parts.
So, is your discovery ready for summer?

There are several things you need to do in order to get ready for a summer of trail-running and general off-roading fun in your Land Rover Discovery. Below are some of the things that you need to consider depending on the age of your vehicle and your plans for the season.

1. Check your brakes for wear and whether they are properly functioning.
There is no doubt that every car needs proper brakes, but this is particularly true for anyone who is off-roading. The worst way to sum up a day of fun in the scorching sun is to go speeding into a boulder just because your brakes are worn-out. Always check the pads and brake lines, to make sure that everything is working as expected.

2. Change the various filters.
Your Land Rover’s engine take in air through the air filter, so if it gets clogged, you will certainly lose power and efficiency. Getting your air filter changed is one of the cheapest and easiest thing you can partake on a regular basis to get your machine back on the road and running at its best. Just buy the right size filter and drop it into the intake box. It’s unfortunate that all repairs are not cheap and easy as many may think.

3. Ensure that your tires are up to the off-roading challenge.
Regardless of the power your engine possess, or how much strong your suspensions are, it all boils down to the tires. If you have worn out tires, then you will not have enough traction to make it over a boulder or even through a mud pit. Most enthusiasts choose to under-inflate their tires on certain off-roading situations, but this is very risky as it can cause the tire bead to unseat from the rim, and as we all know, a flat tire can’t get you anywhere.

As you have noticed, maintaining your Land Rover Discovery and getting it ready for a long summer season of rocks and dirt is not costly and doesn’t even take hours. Just maintaining the basic items will do miracles for your vehicles consistency, efficiency and even power!

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