In today’s economy, we have most car owners maintaining their current vehicles. No doubt that the cost of maintaining your BMW can be tremendously high. While on several BMW fanatic forums, I have come across many posts talking about car owners trying to get better deals on repairs more so wheel alignment. Am sure you have frequently seen community responses advertising low cost deals. Forums are the best place where you can easily report repair deals and personal shop experiences. They are normally closely monitored to make sure that members are not selling repair services, but truly reporting experiences they have had and giving recommendations.

Regular servicing of your vehicle will surely save you time and money. High mileage BMW vehicles require consistent servicing in a professional environment that uses only the best parts and technology specific to your BMW brand. Do not opt for short-cuts when it comes receiving routine service. Always confirm that your independent shop hires dealer trained automotive specialists.

A good shop will ensure that oil changes are carried out with special care. They must have quality check points which include keeping it lubed and ensuring that the filters clean throughout. Your older car engines require all the necessary help. Changing the oil and oil filter after every 3,000 miles is mandatory. Make sure all your tires and brakes are properly checked for wear.

If your BMW has a timing belt, then it is highly recommended that you have it replaced at an interval of 60,000 miles (or slightly more). When it (timing belt) becomes stretched the engine performance is reduced. If you do not make any effort to repair it at the right time in your mileage and it breaks, your will seize to run and it may further damage the engine.

BMW owners looking to get a wheel alignment should always ask the technician how they perform this service. After which you can compare the different methods used at various shops before settling for one. You will be in a position to know which shop offers the best services. It is never about the best price. A wheel alignment service consists of numerous adjustments. If your tires are worn or uneven, then your car can easily pull or shake when moving. Left unattended, it can possibly damage the other components.

Always keep in mind that the shop you choose should be performing your wheel alignment in accordance to the recommendations of your car brand manufacturer. For instance, a proper wheel alignment for a BMW, requires proficiency in BMW Kinematic Diagnosis. This means that the technician should have an understanding of maintaining the standards of speed, performance, and handling. It also involves knowing the right camber and caster measurements, as well as the toe. Additionally, make sure your tires are well inflated. It is advised that you rotate and balance them after every other oil change. Develop a habit of checking for uneven wear every time you stop for gas.

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