Usually, one of the most ignored factors in purchasing a vehicle is the resale value.  Most car buyers would pay more attention to the price, the style and accessories, or the monthly payments and the interest rates.  However, much can be said about car brands and models that are slow to lose value over the years.  If you are the type who has the tendency to sell or trade your vehicle a few years down the road, you should probably look into this factor more closely.  Here is a short list of the car brands and models with the best resale value as gathered by one of America’s biggest used cars sales company.

Best brand: Subaru. Of all car brands, Subaru is best known to limit its sales rebates and other incentives, so its car owners are able to sell their cars for the biggest percentage of the original price of the vehicle.  Subaru’s all-wheel-drive standard on all its vehicles can sell big in States where there are lots of snow, mud and rain.  More than these, the owners of this Japanese brand are known to keep their vehicles even after reaching 100,000 miles.  So if you would like to sell your Subaru with less mileage, you can still sell it with great value.

Best Luxury Brand: BMW. Some would even argue that in other cases, BMW would be the safest bet for the highest resale value.  This is due to BMW’s well-known German consistency and engineering.  For instance, the BMW Series3 not only has a good resale value, but is also regarded by many as the best overall vehicle in the world.  On the other hand, the BMW X5 is also considered the best luxury SUV.  The X5 has seats enough for seven people, has all-wheel drive like Subaru, and has a well-admired style that has been popular since it was first introduced in the ‘90s.  Overall, along with the high quality of its vehicles, the classic appeal and popularity of this brand means the huge demand can give you more leverage in reselling with a good price.

Best single model: Audi A5. This German brand has also received much acclaim from auto-enthusiasts all over the world, especially for the two-door coupe A5’s excellent interior and handling.  Its limited availability attests to its continuing high demand.  Although Audi has been known for having less quality than other German brands, it has shown improvement in recent years.

Best crossover: Honda CR-V. The interesting thing about the Honda CR-V, is that its high resale value actually has a great influence in the sales of the brand new vehicles.  This top-selling crossover has better resale value than many of its competitors like the Toyota RAV4, Ford Escape, Chevrolet Equinox and others.

Best pick-up truck: Toyota Tacoma. Although the Tacoma is not much advertised by its Japanese automaker, it has a market in small business owners who do not need to have full-sized pickups like the Ford F Series or the Chevy Silverado.  And since Ford and possibly GM, are expected to leave the mid-sized segment when their pick-up models are taken off the line, the Tacoma is expected to bring in more money for Toyota.  In terms of resold pick-up trucks, the Tacoma leads because of its reliability as well as the amazingly low prices.

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