On February 6, 2011, more than 15 car commercials are scheduled to be shown during the SuperBowl XLV to be held in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, USA.  So if you’re one of those fans who watch this much-celebrated sports event not just for the game, but for the commercials—you’re in for a treat because the biggest carmakers are set to battle in their own field, as they dominate the advertisements’ airtime spots.

This of course, is making a lot of buzz, especially because car ads have sort of been in absence when these companies were hit with their respective crises.  And to get even more out of this buzz, the commercials are currently enjoying countless thousands of views on YouTube even before the big game.

As of late, there are eight brands confirmed as advertisers.  This list is lead by German brands Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi.  Also included are US giants General Motors and Chrysler, and Korean brands Hyundai and KIA.   Some of these carmakers are even buying more than the usual 30-seconder slot, which even heightens the excitement factor.

It should not be a surprise to see that more than 50% of the ads are from German brands.  These European players have been on a roll in the US market for a while now, and they are breaking their sales records.  Earlier reports have claimed that Audi is on its way to exceeding over 100,000 cars sold—its first time in the US.  Mercedes-Benz, for its part, will be joining the pack and showing its first Super Bowl ad throughout its more than 100-year history.  Volkswagen, like what it has done in the past, is targeting younger audiences with a rather cute campaign.  This year, these German players want to keep their good sales momentum, so airing their advertisements during the Super Bowl makes complete sense.

It will be remembered that last year, both Audi and Volkswagen had memorable Super Bowl ads which doubled as social media campaigns.  They were known to use a bit of humor which made them stand out from the usual action-laden, technology-savvy themed advertisements, so fans are excitedly awaiting this year’s offering.

It is also expected that Korean brands KIA and Hyundai will present cool commercials, as they have already done in the past.  And after a not so great ad last year, Chrysler may have something to prove this year.  Same goes for GM, which relatively speaking, has come a long way from where they were during crisis times.

While it is definitely good news to see these carmakers make a Super Bowl comeback, it would certainly be interesting to watch what they will do to stand-out from all the rest.  With as many brands advertising in the same program block, time will tell if the price of those ad slots will be worth it.  After all, in the end, it’s the sales figures that count.

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