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Your Car Can be Making Your Allergies Worse

While you smell spring in the air, all the pollen, dust and pollutants that come with spring make their way inside your vehicle through the air conditioning and ventilation system.

Cabin Air Filters clean the air entering your vehicle. They capture all the dust, pollen and other harmful substances in the air, keeping the air inside your vehicle clean, healthy and fresh. In order for the Cabin Air Filter to properly do it’s job, it needs to be changed regularly, and now is the ideal time to do it.

A dirty Cabin Air Filter can cause the concentration of contaminants to become so severe that passengers end up breathing in more fumes and particles riding inside the car than while walking on the street. Luckily, replacing a Cabin Air Filter is a simple and inexpensive way to keep the air in your vehicle healthy for both the driver and the passengers.

A dirty Cabin Air Filter can cause a musty oder in your vehicle, and can impair air flow in the HVAC system, possibly not only increasing your allergies, but also creating potential heating and cooling problems. When not replaced on a regular basis, corrosion can also develop on your heater and air conditioner. Additionally to trapping pollen, bacteria, dust, exhaust gasses, contaminants, and odors, the Cabin Air Filter also keeps bugs, leaves and other road debris from entering the heating and air conditioning system.

Cabin Air Filters should be changed every 12,000 miles or one a year, however many experts agree that those traveling with kids or those experiencing allergies, should replace their Cabin Air Filter more often. Most mechanics will charge $80 or more for this replacement, however it is a simple maintenance task that almost everyone can do on their own in only a few minutes and pay only a few dollars for the Cabin Air Filter at

At AutoPartsWAY we created a simple video that can be used as a guideline in the Cabin Air filter replacement.

So head over to or if you are in

Canada and replace your Cabin Air Filter today for a healthier and more pleasurable ride. Be sure to select your vehicle to ensure the proper fitment of your Cabin Air Filter.

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