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Tire Wear Troubleshooting Tips

Dealing with tire wear problems can bring you much frustration, and cost you a lot of money.  There are various reasons and conditions that result in a gap between your expectations and your tire’s actual performance.  While the basic mechanisms of tire wear have not been drastically altered since a long time, simple awareness of the possible factors and their effects on tires is very valuable.  So read on if you would like to know some ways of reducing tire wear on your vehicle.

Classic wear-and-tear would top the list of your tire problems.  Heavy acceleration and braking can result strong forces that can cause scuffing.  Although your car may be designed with these situations in mind, you can try to avoid instantaneous and frequent start-and-stops to improve your tire performance.  You should especially avoid these actions if your car is heavily loaded.

Another cause is making lots of sharp turns.  If your vehicle is equipped with power steering, it would give you less chances of tire wear.  Even then, it’s advisable to use all reasonable available space as much as you can, as those sharp turns can add to tire wear as well.

You might be surprised, but some maintenance practices may also have some negative effects on tires.  For instance, the amount of pressure of inflation is significant for casing durability.  If you overinflate the tire, it can be more prone to wear-and tear; while similarly, if you under-inflate it will also be harmful to your tires.  A good tip is if you add just a little extra inflation to what you are used to, but still within the tire manufacturer’s instructions, it might reduce side scuffing.  Tire alignment is another important aspect.  Make sure your toe setting is always at optimum levels to improve tire performance.

Some new technologies, like regenerative braking, are now available in the market, and some may present some new tire issues that have not been encountered in the past.  Still, whether you are driving

an automatic, or a hybrid, or even mid-sized trucks, these basic tire wear mechanisms should help you lessen tire wear issues and get the longest life out of your tires, and ultimately, your vehicle.
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