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Tips for Power Windows Repair

Have you ever had to reach outside your car window, for instance, to pay for a parking ticket or a tollbooth, and when you switch your window, it’s just stuck?  Then, you try to push the switch harder, and still nothing happens, not even a tiny noise that your window motor is still functioning.  Thus, you resort to the more inconvenient way and end up opening your car door.  Then, you wonder, how expensive it would be to repair your windows?  The good news is that you can actually repair your power windows, if you know the secrets.  This way, you can save a lot on dealership repair, especially if you know a reliable source of auto parts online.

Some people almost automatically assume that the window regulator is defective.  However, you should first check for some possible dirty electrical contacts.  Often, all of the car’s switches, including the power window switch, goes through the master switch that is located at the driver’s console.  There can be times that it can catch dirt, which can cause it to malfunction.  In this situation, you can follow certain steps to clean the contact in order to solve your problem.

First, you should make sure that your contacts are clean and that your switch is functioning properly.  If so, it is possible that the motor has burned out and needs replacement.  Just remember that whether you are installing a regulator for Honda or Volkswagen or just about any other car brand, the steps for replacing a window regulator are often quite similar.  Simply follow the steps that are outlined below. 

  1. Take off the door panel for the defective window side.
  2. Check and remove the bolts that are attaching the regulator to the door.  Then, you might have to manually lower the window so you can gain access to the said bolts.
  3. Then, remove the old or defective regulator, as well as disconnect all the wirings.  After that, you can replace the regulator with the new one, which you can easily purchase from any online parts supplier.  As an additional tip, shopping online can help you find the best deals for high quality parts, like, where you can buy the components you need for a cheaper price compared to actual dealerships.
  4. After replacement, you must tighten the bolts holding the new regulator, and then re-install the moisture barrier.  You must also ensure that all the wires are safely put back into their proper places before you close the door panel.
  5. Then, engage the power window sw
    itch, and your new regulator should now work normally.

For more detailed and model-specific instructions, it is always advised to perform these replacements while checking your car manufacturer’s manual. And if you would like to purchase high quality car components with great discounts, check out

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