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Preparing Your Car for the spring season: Service Tips for your Mazda Vehicle

Preparing Your Car for the spring season: Service Tips for your Mazda Vehicle

The spring season is here! Maybe you are ready for the warm season but how about your Mazda vehicle? Well, getting your car for the spring season involves three things: checking the condition of your tires, brakes, and giving it an extra ordinary spring cleaning.

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As the temperatures gradually warm up, maintenance of vehicles may not be the number one priority for many. Canada’s moderate weather and convenience to the mountains offers us a flexible opportunity to decide on how and when we really want to experience the cold winter season and snowy roads; it might be hard to realize the slight changes in temperature and road conditions but can have major side effects on your vehicle. If you properly maintain your vehicle, then you will be able to save a lot of money and time in the end.

Below are three main tips for preparing your vehicle (Mazda) for spring:

1.            Give your Mazda a “brake”
Slush and even salt take their toll on several constituents of your car, and disc brake mechanisms are one of the most important parts affected. Driving during winter can cause massive erosion issues inside your braking system– if you haven’t had your brakes checked for the last one year or so, now is the right time to make sure that they are in perfect condition. Your Service Advisor can make certain that the brake calipers are well lubricated and are moving freely. If not they can lead to a hard brake pedal and quicker lining wear.

2.            Keep way those winter tires
If you fixed winter tires on your vehicle a couple of months ago, don’t forget to switch back to summer tires. Winter tires are made of a much softer rubber compound suitable for temperatures under 7 degrees Celsius, giving greater flexibility and grip. If at all temperatures raise above this level, wearing out of the tires accelerates tremendously, something that can easily be avoided through timely removal. So, once the winter season has passed, put away the winter tires.

3.            Add the detail
There is no doubt that winter conditions can do a major damage to your vehicle. Specifically causing accumulation of salt under your vehicle. A good Detailing of your Mazda should be inclusive of both cleaning of salt and a genuine engine shampoo. You can choose to do some detailing conveniently at home, i.e. vacuuming of the trunk;

other small tasks such as waxing and paint correction should be carried out by a professional.

With the spring season just around the corner, now is the right time to check the few mechanical glitches in your Mazda vehicle. By simply following the above tips, you can not only enhance your car’s safety and improve performance, but also make it look great at the same time!

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