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Maintaining Your Toyota Car – Fuel Filter and Alternator

A fuel filter is a simple but very important component of your car that needs regular checking every time you are servicing your Toyota. The Toyota’s fuel filter plays a very significant role: to make sure that fuel reaching your engine does not have any particles that is capable of clogging the engine. Another vital component in a Toyota is the alternator. It basically charges your Toyota battery when the vehicle is in motion.

If anything goes wrong with the two components, then your car will certainly not move. Minus the Toyota alternator your car battery will continuously discharge and after a short while the car will refuse to start. Likewise, if the fuel filter gets blocked it will be impossible for fuel to get to the engine and therefore your car will not run.

Fortunately, these two Toyota parts are very cheap to maintain and if you frequently service your car, you are likely not to face any troubles. Always remember that fuel filter needs to be replaced more often. In fact the service guy should be replacing it every time you service your car. On the other hand, the Toyota alternator can work for several years without any problem.

Even though most service centers will charge a substantial amount of fee to replace the Toyota fuel filter it really isn’t a difficult job for someone with an inclination towards learning car repair and maintenance. Actually, if you go to the internet you will find several “how to” video’s that will show you how easy it can be to replace the fuel filter yourself. The moment you master this skill, you will never get stranded because of a clogged fuel filter. In fact, you will always know when to replace your Toyota fuel filter.

However, maintaining the alternator is unfortunately, not so trivial. Getting to it is very easy, and you can also check if it properly generating current for you battery. But if it becomes faulty, it will be hard to get it repaired. The Toyota alternator is not cheaply available either, so if it stops working, you’ll certainly need to fork out a lot of cash.
One thing you should always put in mind is that the Toyota alternator has a long life span. If at all your battery light on your car console is on, then it’s an indication that the batteries are not charging, but in this case, the problem is usually with alternator belt and not the alternator itself. The main function of an alternator belt is to turn the small turbines that help in generating current in an alternator. Occasionally, it breaks as a result of wear-and-tear and the supply of current stops.

Normally purchasing spare parts, be it a Toyota fuel filter or a Toyota alternator from the repair center is pretty costly as they sell at a marked up price. You are su

re of getting a much better deal with any replacement parts stockiest. So make an effort of searching for the part on the Internet at and getting to know their prices before replacing. Feel free to ask your service man the cost of replacing the part in case you bought it yourself. Maybe you will end up saving a lot of money.

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