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Tesla Roadster Wireless Charge with eCoupled at CES

The future is definitely going to be wireless and this is true not only for cell phones but for charging every device you can imagine, including cars.  The company behind this wireless charging is eCoupled.

We may all have seen those pads, where you attach a cover to your Blackberry or iPhone and charge the device by simply putting it on a mat.  This is all thanks to eCoupled and the same technology that was used today at CES to charge a Tesla Roadster.

An electromagnetic channel is created in order to charge these electric devices.  eCoupled is an intelligent power source in that it uses an intelligent control system and can adapt to specific needs of each device it powers by communicating with that device.  Therefore eCoupled can determine not only the power needs and power cycle that a device needs, but also the safety and efficiency required.

eCoupled is universal, safe, green and efficient.

Just imagine, in the near future you will simply be able to pull your car into the garage and it will start charging automatically.  Better yet, it will charge wirelessly when you are having lunch, or simply parking on the street.

eCoupled Car Charge

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