10 commonsense tips to get your car ready for fall

Soon the climate gets risky, if that time hasn’t as of now arrived. Driving securely amid the fall months requires more than simply wary driver conduct. Your auto likewise needs some consideration.

Here are 10 commonsense tips to get your auto prepared for fall.

Car Fall Ready

Check the lights. Walk around the vehicle and check the operation of all lights. These include: headlights, taillights, stopping lights, brake lights and emergency flashers. Replace all broken bulbs and those that have stopped working as well. If you own an older vehicle you may want to invest in LED or halogen bulbs to improve visibility.

Replace wiper blades. The idea behind wiper blades is to totally clear the windshield. Split or worn blades won’t get the job done. Check all wiper blades to make sure they are flexible and can clear your windshield sufficiently. Replace any that are worn out.

Ensure heater/defroster work. Driving with a faulty heater isn’t fun or safe. Fogged-up windows can limit your visibility and lead to an accident. Check front and rear window defrosters to make sure they are in well working condition.

Check under the hood. Checking under the hood will allow you to identify basic problems with your vehicle. Look for leaks, worn clamps, check the belts to make sure they are not worn on the underside. If you notice any obvious problems have your vehicle inspected by a licensed mechanic.

Check your battery. A well working battery that can keep a full charge is necessary to start your vehicle in cold weather. If you see any signs of corrosion on your battery it may be a sign that your battery needs replacement or attention.

Change oil filter and air filter. Clean oil is necessary for your engine to run properly. If you have not changed your oil recently, do so and always change the oil filter at the same time. Check your Air Filter to make sure it is clean enough. If you can’t see light through it when you hold it up to a 60-watt bulb, it’s time to replace the air filter.

Refill cooling system. Most experts recommend checking the coolant level in the overflow tank while the engine is cold. If the level is low, add a 50/50 solution of water and coolant to allow proper antifreeze capability.

Check all fluid levels.  Check

your transmission, brake fluid and power steering fluids as well as washer fluid.

Get a good car wash/detail. Give your car a good detail cleaning and wax the car. Waxing will allow the paint on your car to last longer, especially with the changing weather during the fall months.

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